Elementary Categories, Elementary Toposes
The book covers elementary aspects of category theory and topos theory. It has few mathematical prerequisites, and uses categorical methods throughout, rather than beginning with set theoretical foundations. It works with key concepts such as Cartesian closedness, adjunctions, regular categories, an...
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Chief Inspector Morse, a middle-aged bachelor with a fondness for crossword puzzles, Mozart, and attractive women, investigates a series of suspicious and sinister events at Oxfords Church of St. Frideswide.
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Anne Scott's address was scribbled on a crumpled note in the pocket of Morse's smartest suit. Inspector Morse turned the corner of Canal Street, Jericho, on Wednesday afternoon. He hadn't planned a second visit, but was back the same day as officer in charge of a suicide investigation...
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Once again Oxford becomes the scene of the crime as Inspector Morse investigates a baffling case involving a mysterious disappearance, an unidentified corpse, and a brutal murder.
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On holiday in Lyme Regis, Chief Inspector Morse has decided to go without newspapers. But in the hotel he finds himself seated opposite a woman reading her paper, and Morse cannot help but notice an intriguing headline. Winner of the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger Award.
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While recovering in hospital, Inspector Morse comes across an account of the investigation into a murder from 1849, a crime for which two people were hanged. When he is discharged he can prove that they were convicted wrongly.
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Peter Ford, Eileen Ryall and their young family are on a road trip to Cornwall, caught up in a storm they are forced to sleep in the car out side a place Called Underwood, The next morning the sun is shining, but they are in a place that no one would want to be. Faced with laws issued by the th...
2015 год
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