“You’re stealing that paper, lady! I don’t give a shit if it’s for the Pope! You’re stealing that paper!” The only thing on my mind was getting this paper and a rapidly decreasing mug of coffee from spilling so much of it up to my new boss as fast as my legs would...
2015 год
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The Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms / Словарь английских фразеологизмов
The Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms is primarily intended for teachers of English and intermediate-advanced learners, although we hope that many other people will find it interesting and useful It deals with approximately 4400 English idioms, and illustrates them with a rich collection of examples whic...
1997 год
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THORN: A Billionaire Romance
“I want you to marry me.” I didn’t know what to say or what to think when the gorgeous man, Miles Thorn, uttered those words. I knew nothing about him, except that he was the handsome CEO of Thorn Construction. I literally only bumped into him while I was leaving a failed job inter...
2015 год
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Practical Electronics Handbook (Sixth Edition) / Руководство по практической электронике
Практическое руководство по электронике - от пассивных элементов до микропроцессоров. Освещены вопросы САПР и симуляции. Рассмотрены аспекты применения КИП для наладки и контроля.
2007 год
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