Global sociology as it is seen from the heights of the US «high» political analytics: on Z. Brzezinski’s book «The Grand Chessboard. American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives». (Russian edition – M. International Relations.1998. Original edition&...
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Ford and Stalin. How to Live in Humaneness
The mother tongue of the authors of this work is Russian. The translators of this edition are native Russian speakers as well.    Text comprehension implies matching a definite word or sentence order with particular images, imaginative notions, whose foretypes (protoplasts...
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The Matrix and “The Matrix” — two opposites. (On the recipe of obtaining “freedom” in the movie “The Matrix”)
Many, especially from among the youth, have already seen the movie "The Matrix". There are different opinions about the film, but its popularity is undebatable. Even in V. Putin’s book "From the first person..." there is mention of the film by the president’...
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1. West im Zuge der Globalisierung: die Self-Assessment und unsere Einschatzung 2. Russland 3. Die Aussichten der Menschheit - das Ende der Geschichte
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Nach Wladimir Putins Rede in München am 10.02.2007, und fortlaufend bis zur gegenwärtigen Zeit, verschärfen die Politiker westlicher Staaten und ihre Leitmedien den Hass gegenüber Wladimir Putin persönlich und auch gegenüber Russland und dessen Völker, die nicht ge...
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