20 Questions...Answered 1
20 Questions...Answered is a reproducible ESL/EFL reading-and-discussion text for false beginners, or for true beginners who have already had about eight months of instruction in the language. It offers a number of important design features to make both teaching and learning easier and more enjoyabl...
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IT Outsourcing Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (4 volumes)
Examining the ideas and approaches necessary in deciding to outsource services and functions is a crucial assessment for any company. IT Outsourcing: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications covers a wide range of topics involved in the outsourcing of information technology through state-of-...
2009 год
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Programming Massively Parallel Processors, Second Edition: A Hands-on Approach
"For those interested in the GPU path to parallel enlightenment, this new book from David Kirk and Wen-mei Hwu is a godsend, as it introduces CUDA ™, a C-like data parallel language, and Tesla™, the architecture of the current generation of NVIDIA GPUs. In addition to explaining the...
2012 год
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