Вы хотите навести в доме порядок, но чувствуете, что не хватает времени, хаос выкачивает из вас жизненную энергию? Не отчаивайтесь. Автор, организатор и опытнейший консультант по созданию комфортного жизненного пространства, поможет вам.Следуйте советам, представленным в книге, и, тратя всего 8 мину...
2013 год
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I am free
I belong. I am me. Don’t judge. Just see. Let me live. Don’t hold me back. I’m not fragile. I won’t crack. Just because, You think you know. You’ve cast me out. And kept me low. Please don’t hurt me. Let me be. For the first time, I am free…
2015 год
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Fast cars, Fast women and all the booze I can drink. That's what being the front man for Dirty Affliction will get you. There's only one problem with that. Everyone wants a piece of you in return. What happens when there are no more pieces to give? My name is Levi Cross and this is my stor...
2015 год
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Linc McKay, the bass guitarist for Dirty Affliction, is addicted to the fame and everything that comes with it. He loves the drugs, the alcohol, and the women. Especially the women. He lives by the motto: You can never have too much of a good thing. That is, until one mistake threatens to destroy hi...
2015 год
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