Cake Decorating For Dummies
from the Author: This book shares the basics and beyond necessary to bake, frost, fill, and decorate a variety of cakes. Because I cover varying degrees of difficulty, this book truly is accessible to all. Each cake commands different skills for all the activities that complete the cake’s look...
2007 год
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Cooking for One
How do you make delicious, one-person meals? It is often difficult to purchase food for one person at the grocery store, but this cookbook promises to give you delicious recipes that you will enjoy and can make anytime. From breakfasts and snacks to lunches and desserts, this cookbook will leave you...
2006 год
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Living Vegetarian For Dummies (2nd edition)
Your practical guide to a healthy vegetarian lifestyle Are you considering becoming a vegetarian? This comprehensive guide gives you all the expert advice you need to make the transition smooth, healthy, and happy for yourself and your family. Living Vegetarian For Dummies covers everything from con...
2010 год
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