Object-Oriented JavaScript - Stoyan Stefanov, Kumar Chetan Sharma
Stoyan Stefanov, Kumar Chetan Sharma

Object-Oriented JavaScript

Автор Stoyan Stefanov Kumar Chetan Sharma
Издательство Packt Publishing, 2-е издание
Год 2013
Формат PDF
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JavaScript is the behavior, the third pillar in today's paradigm that looks at web pages as something that consists of clearly distinguishable parts: content (HTML), presentation (CSS) and behavior (javascript). Using javascript, you can create not only web pages but also desktop widgets, browser and application extensions, and other pieces of software. It's a pretty good deal: you learn one language and then code all kinds of different applications. While there's one chapter specifically dedicated to the web browser environment including DOM, Events and AJAX tutorials, the rest is applicable to the other environments.