The Top Ten Algorithms in Data Mining - Wu Xindong, Kumar Vipin
Wu Xindong, Kumar Vipin

The Top Ten Algorithms in Data Mining

Автор Wu Xindong Kumar Vipin
Издательство Chapman&Hall/CRC
Год 2009
Формат PDF
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Identifying some of the most influential algorithms that are widely used in the data mining community, this volume provides a description of each algorithm, discusses the impact of the algorithms, and reviews current and future research on the algorithms. Thoroughly evaluated by independent reviewers, each chapter focuses on a particular algorithm and is written by either the original authors of the algorithm or world-class researchers who have extensively studied the respective algorithm. The book concentrates on the following important algorithms: C4.5, k-Means, SVM, Apriori, EM, PageRank, AdaBoost, kNN, Naive Bayes, and CART.