picComputer Sound Design. Synthesis techniques and programming. Second edition - Miranda Eduardo Reck
Miranda Eduardo Reck

picComputer Sound Design. Synthesis techniques and programming. Second edition

Автор Miranda Eduardo Reck
Издательство Fatal press, 2-е издание
Год 2002
Формат PDF
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Computer Sound Design: Synthesis techniques and programming was originally written to serve as a text or reference book for a university-level course on software synthesis or computer music, but researchers, professional musicians and enthusiasts in the field of music technology will all find this book a valuable resource. In order to be able to make optimum use of this book, the reader should have a basic understanding of acoustics and should be familiar with some fundamental concepts of music and technology. Also, a minimum degree of computer literacy is desirable in order to take full advantage of the systems provided on the accompanying CD-ROM. The art of sound synthesis is as important for the electronic musician as the art of orchestration is for composers of symphonic music. Both arts deal with creating sonorities for musical composition. The main difference between them is that the former may also involve the creation of the instruments themselves. Those who desire to make their own virtual orchestra of electronic instruments and produce new original sounds will find this book very useful. It examines the functioning of a variety of synthesis techniques and illustrates how to turn a personal computer into a powerful and flexible sound synthesiser. The book also discusses a number of ongoing developments that may play an important role in the future of electronic music making, including the use of artificial intelligence techniques in synthesis software and parallel computers.