Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface (3th Ed) - Patterson David, Hennessy John
Patterson David, Hennessy John

Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface (3th Ed)

Автор Patterson David Hennessy John
Издательство Morgan Kaufmann, 3-е издание
Год 2005
Формат PDF
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The classic textbook for computer systems analysis and design, Computer Organization and Design, has been thoroughly updated to provide a new focus on the revolutionary change taking place in industry today: the switch from uniprocessor to multicore microprocessors. This new emphasis on parallelism is supported by updates reflecting the newest technologies with examples highlighting the latest processor designs, benchmarking standards, languages and tools. As with previous editions, a MIPS processor is the core used to present the fundamentals of hardware technologies, assembly language, computer arithmetic, pipelining, memory hierarchies and I/O. Along with its increased coverage of parallelism, this new edition offers new content on Flash memory and virtual machines as well as a new and important appendix written by industry experts covering the emergence and importance of the modern GPU (graphics processing unit), the highly parallel, highly multithreaded multiprocessor optimized for visual computing. A new exercise paradigm allows instructors to reconfigure the 600 exercises included in the book to easily generate new exercises and solutions of their own. Contents: Computer Abstractions and Technology; Instructions: Language of the Computer; Arithmetic for Computers; Assessing and Understanding Performance; The Processor; Enhancing Performance with Pipelining; Large and Fast: Exploiting Memory Hierarchy; Storage, Networks and Other Peripherals; Multiprocessors and Clusters; Mapping Control to Hardware; A Survey of RISC ARchitectures for Desktop, SErver, and Embedded Computers.