Is that what you mean? 50 common mistakes and how to correct them - Hancock P.
Hancock P.

Is that what you mean? 50 common mistakes and how to correct them

Автор Hancock P.
Издательство Penguin Books
Год 1990
Формат PDF
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В книге анализируются 50 типичнейших ошибок, которые чаще всего допускают изучающие английский язык. Все ошибки снабжены весёлыми иллюстрациями. Книга разделена на пять частей, с проверочными тестами после каждой. Также в книге есть ответы на все задания.

Is that what he means? Really? the same mistakes turn up again and again, even among the best students, and sometimes they seem impossible to correct. By showing why a mistake is a mistake this book helps the student to correct it easily. Is Thai What You Mean? takes fifty common errors, such as The confusion between 'control' and 'check' or 'boring' and "bored1, and illustrates them with humourous cartoons. The student sees exactly what he or she is saying form the illustrations and explanations of the incorrect and correct usage, which are shown back to back. -h Ihat What You Mean? is divided into five sections, each with exercises to test the student's knowledge. The book can be used by intermediate or advanced students and there is a full answer key, with explanations where necessary, so it is suitable for class or self-studing.