Where is Fred?/Где же Фред? - Edward Hardy/Эдвард Харди
Edward Hardy/Эдвард Харди

Where is Fred?/Где же Фред?

Автор Edward Hardy/Эдвард Харди
Год 2012
Формат PDF
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Join in this original and hilarious game of picture book hide-and-seek starring a hungry crow and a fluffy white caterpillar called Fred.Hey, YOU! Yes, YOU reading this! I’m Gerald the crow and I’m looking for a lovely, fluffy white caterpillar called Fred. Have you seen him? I want him for my lunch! You haven’t? Are you sure? Then . . . WHERE IS FRED? Follow Fred the fluffy white caterpillar as he outwits Gerald the Crow, in a brilliant new picture book about playing hide-and-seek theme.Fun to read aloud and perfect for sharing, this picture book by Edward Hardy, author of Martha, No!, and Ali Pye will keep children and parents entertained again and again.Маленькая пушистая гусеничка не очень хочет на обед ворону Джеральду. Как им удалось подружиться читайте в этой книжке.