Michael Cottier(editor)|Майкл Коттье

The Customs Law of Asia|Таможенный закон Азии

Автор Michael Cottier(editor)|Майкл Коттье
Издательство Oxford University Press
Год 2008
Формат PDF
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The Roman Empire was based on law, and it was vital for rulers and ruled that laws should be understood. They were often given permanent form in stone or bronze. This book transcribes, translates, and fully illustrates with photographs, the inscription (more than 155 lines, in its damaged state) that carries the regulations drawn up over nearly two centuries for the customs dues of the rich province of Asia (western Turkey). The regulations, taken from Roman archives, were set up in Greek in Ephesus, and the book provides a rendering of the text back into Latin. The damaged text is hard to restore and to interpret. Six scholars offer line-by-line commentary, and five essays bring out its significance, from the Gracchi to Nero, for Rome's government and changing attitudes towards provincial subjects, for the historical geography of the Empire, for its economic history, and for the social life of Roman officials.Эта книга содержит описание, перевод и иллюстрации римских инструкций о таможенных сборах в западной Турции,богатом регионе Азии.Осуществлен их перевод с греческого языка на латинский.