Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartvik


Автор Randolph Quirk Sidney Greenbaum Geoffrey Leech Jan Svartvik
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From the time when we started collaborating as a team in the 1960s, we envisaged not a grammar but a series of grammars. In 1972, there appeared the first volume in this series, A Grammar of Contemporary English (GCE). This was followed soon afterwards by two shorter works, A Communicative Grammar of English (CGE) and A University Grammar of English (UGE, published in the United States with the title A Concise Grammar of Contemporary English). These two were in part an abridgment of GCE, but *v, what is more significant is that they were deliberately different both from the ' $9 parent book and from each other. This is particularly obvious in the case of '1 CGE, which looks at the whole grammar of the language from a semantic and communicative viewpoint. It is less obviously true of UGE, which follows i the chapter divisions and in most cases the chapter titles of GCE, though in fact the abridgment was accompanied by a good deal of fresh thinking and radical revision.