20 Questions...Answered 1 - Kirk Schriefer, Chirawibha Sivell, John Sivell
Kirk Schriefer, Chirawibha Sivell, John Sivell

20 Questions...Answered 1

Автор Kirk Schriefer Chirawibha Sivell John Sivell
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20 Questions...Answered is a reproducible ESL/EFL reading-and-discussion text for false beginners, or for true beginners who have already had about eight months of instruction in the language. It offers a number of important design features to make both teaching and learning easier and more enjoyable. 1) Contextualized learning: The short self-contained articles in each unit benefit from a very clear focus that facilitates realistic concentration on inter-related items of vocabulary and grammar that are relevant to the topic and the argumentative purpose. 2) Content that really matters: Each unit examines a topic that will genuinely interest and inform. 3) Lively journalistic style: Although the passages are carefully limited to an elementary level of language difficulty, their style remains vivid and authentic. 4) Well-balanced exercises: The plentiful exercises offer a good range of integrated activities for each unit -- getting the main idea, basic comprehension, finding details, inferences, interpretation and extension of important concepts, vocabulary study, a word puzzle, and a cloze exercise. 5) Illustrations: There is a clear and evocative illustration in each unit; this can be used as a pre-reading exercise, for vocabulary brainstorming, or as the basis for discussion. 6) Answer Key: The text includes a full answer key for every closed-ended question in every unit. 7) Reproducible: Purchase of an original copy of the text brings explicit permission to the purchaser to reproduce pages at will.