Digging Into Wordpress v3.7 - 2013 - Chris Coyier, Jeff Starr
Chris Coyier, Jeff Starr

Digging Into Wordpress v3.7 - 2013

Автор Chris Coyier Jeff Starr
Год 2013
Формат PDF
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Более 400 страниц практической информацииПрекрасный дизайнМножество примеров кодаAbout the AuthorsWritten by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr, real-life web developers who “eat their own dog food” when it comes to talking about WordPress. Collectively, they have over a decade of experience designing awesome websites, with well over 100 of them built with WordPress.Supplemental Bonus ContentBook purchase includes a supplemental PDF packed with more awesome content: WordPress features, update information, bonus tricks, and more.