Elsevier's dictionary of Mammals

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This dictionary has been compiled with the aim of giving an overview of the English, German, French and Italian names of mammals. The Basic Table contains, in alphabetical order, the scientific names of families, genera, species and some sub-species and synonyms with, again in alphabetical order, the identified names in English, German, French and Italian. These are given in the singular for species and sub-species and in the plural for other terms. The relevant order and family are given for each term. I have followed Duff & Lawson's "Mammals of the World - A Checklist" for orders, families and genera. The synonyms and subspecies are those that I have come across in other sources and are, of course, not a complete listing. I have shown a number of alternative spellings of vernacular names which, although not always "correct", appear to have gained common currency. My thanks go to Dott. Bruno Grazioli of Royal Holloway University of London for checking the Italian names and to Katayou Asadollahzadeh- Sarab, who prepared this work for publication.