Ivanov V.V., Verkholantsev J.

Speculum Slaviae Orientalis: Muscovy, Ruthenia and Lithuania in the Late Middle Ages

Автор Ivanov V.V. Verkholantsev J.
Издательство Novoe izdatel’stvo
Год 2005
Формат DJVU
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This collection of essays examines a number of issues in late medieval East Slavic cultural and intellectual history with particular focus on Muscovy and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Among the central topics of this book are the multilingual and multiconfessional cultural milieus in these lands, interaction between Muscovite and Ruthenian cultures, and contact between the Eastern Slavs and non-Slavic peoples residing within and outside their ethnic terrain. This book will be of special interest to cultural historians, philologists and linguists.