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Boutique baby Photography

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Many of us fell in love with photography for the same reason: we loved seeing our vision come to life with the click of a shutter. For some of us, myself included, photography really became our passion when we had our first children. As a sentimental romantic, I felt compelled to capture and preserve every memory of my new family using my camera. Over time, my passion and love for this craft developed until I eventually decided to turn my hobby into a career. However, the leap from hobbyist to professional is a big one. We go from taking pictures because we love it to taking pictures to pay the bills . . . and there’s not much pizzazz in that. Once the honeymoon stage is over, we have to be real with ourselves and get down to making choices that will help us keep our boats afloat. We have to figure out how to stay self-employed. After all, who really wants to admit defeat and go back to that boring old desk job? Unfortunately, for many photography business owners, that dreaded scenario becomes a harsh reality. Statistically, we know that roughly 50 percent of new businesses don’t survive their first five years.