Programming Microsoft ASP.NET MVC - Dino Esposito
Dino Esposito

Programming Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

Автор Dino Esposito
Год 2014
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Develop next-generation web applications with ASP.NET MVCGo deep into the architecture and features of ASP.NET MVC 5, and learn how to build web applications that work well on both the desktop and mobile devices. Web development expert Dino Esposito takes you through the web framework’s Model-View-Controller (MVC) design model, and covers the tools you need to cleanly separate business logic from the user interface. If you’re an experienced web developer new to ASP.NET MVC, this practical guide will get you going.Discover how to:Build web applications that are easy to test and maintainDive into the functions of controllers—the heart of an MVC siteExplore the structure and behavior of a view engineProcess a variety of input data using a custom model binderAutomate the writing of input forms, and streamline validationDesign websites for mobile devices, localization, and error handlingProvide security by implementing a membership systemInject script code into your site using JavaScript and jQueryUse Responsive Web Design to make sites mobile-friendly