iOS 7 Programming. Pushing the Limits - Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar
Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar

iOS 7 Programming. Pushing the Limits

Автор Rob Napier Mugunth Kumar
Год 2014
Формат PDF
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Get ready to create killer apps for iPad and iPhone on the new iOS 7!With Apple's introduction of iOS 7, demand for developers who know the new iOS will be high. You need in-depth information about the new characteristics and capabilities of iOS 7, and that's what you'll find in this book. If you have experience with C or C++, this guide will show you how to create amazing apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You'll also learn to maximize your programs for mobile devices using iPhone SDK 7.0. Advanced topics such as security services, running on multiple iPlatforms, and local networking with Core Bluetooth are also covered.1)Prepares experienced developers to create great apps for the newest version of Apple's iOS2)Thoroughly covers the serious capabilities of iOS 7; information you need in order to make your apps stand out3)Delves into advanced topics including how to control multitasking, security services, running apps on multiple iPlatforms and iDevices, enabling in-app purchases, advanced text layout, and building a core foundation4)Also covers REST, advanced GCD, internationalization and localization, and local networking with Core BluetoothiOS 7 Programming: Pushing the Limits will help you develop applications that take full advantage of everything iOS 7 has to offer.