Good Work - E.F. Schumacher / Э.Ф. Шумахер
E.F. Schumacher / Э.Ф. Шумахер

Good Work

Автор E.F. Schumacher / Э.Ф. Шумахер
Год 1979
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‘Good Work’ was published after his death, and brings together a series of lectures. It’s easier reading than his books, ‘Small is Beautiful’ and ‘A Guide for the Perplexed’, written in a more relaxed and free-wheeling spoken manner. It takes in a number of topics, including intermediate technology, education, and cooperative ownership. The title comes from Schumacher’s lifelong pre-occupation with work. In an industrial society, jobs become tailored to the machine, and become soul-destroying, meaningless and depressing. Although he became famous for writing about natural resources, he claimed that the “most important of all resources” was in fact “the initiative, imagination, and brainpower” of human beings. Much thought goes into the health and safety of the body at work, keeping us from injury, but almost no thought goes into mental health and safety, keeping us from tedium.