Charles Tripp / Чарльз Трипп

A History of Iraq / История Ирака

Автор Charles Tripp / Чарльз Трипп
Издательство Cambridge University Press
Год 2007
Формат DJVU
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A political history of Iraq in which the primary historical force is seen as the relationship between the central state and the narratives used by Iraqis to justify their political engagement over time. Through the eras of British mandate, tribal monarchy, Arab nationalism, and the control of the Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath party has been a tendency for politics to be seen mainly as way of disciplining the population to conformity with the rulers' visions of social order, argues Tripp (political studies, U. of London, UK). He looks at relationships between the state and competing visions of Shi'i politics, Arab nationalism, communist parties, Kurdish separatists, and others. Relatively less attention is paid to the impacts of outside powers.История Ирака