Eric Jon Phelps / Эрик Джон Фелпс

Эрик Джон Фелпс - Убийцы Ватикана: "Раненые в доме моих друзей"

Автор Eric Jon Phelps / Эрик Джон Фелпс
Год 2001
Формат FB2
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Vatican Assassins (VA) is a sweeping and sometimes daunting book. I really enjoyed it in spite of it's disturbing revelations, the author's sometimes awkward writing style and on occasion, his questionable conclusions. For anyone with an interest in world affairs - past, present &amp; future - or the political ambitions of the Vatican (which Phelps argues is really one in the same) this is a valuable perspective to gather.Phelps does a very good job illustrating the ubiquitous nature of Jesuit insidiousness throughout modern political, economic &amp; cultural history. In highlighting the diabolical essence of the order, he sheds light on the unequivocal and nearly universal distain for the Jesuits by heads of state since their inception in the late 1500s. These include Napoleon Bonaparte (who, in his memoirs, called them a military order, not a religious one), Oliver Cromwell, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.Although the rational for many the arguments is well documented, I don't know if the veracity of all of the conclusions can be tested. The book contains endless quotes and citations, yet not everything comes together as tightly as I would have liked (at least after one read). That said, I still think Phelps is on target and proves more than enough of his points to be taken seriously.The book is well organized however it covers so much territory it's easy to become overwhelmed. This is a function of the subject more than anything else. While it can be considered both an introductory text and more of an advanced study, the average reader will likely need to do additional reading and investigation outside of what Phelps gives (thus the reason for the several full length books included on the CD-ROM that comes with VA).According to Phelps (and I think he makes his case) ignoring the Jesuits &amp; the Vatican as a political, financial, cultural and spiritual force, is perilous to a free society and free people everywhere. Its a very timely read and is one of those books you'll want to read many times if you take the topic of world affairs (including economic/cultural globalization and the 'War on Terrorism') seriously at all. Definitely buy it.--описание от себя:Автор пытается пролить свет на паутину мирового заговора, сплетённого Ватиканом с помощью "Общества Иисуса" - Иезуитов, действующих с начала 16-го века. Книжка достаточно спорная, даже параноидальная, но любителям "Духа времени" должна понравиться