his and Object Prototypes (You Don't Know JS) - Kyle Simpson
Kyle Simpson

his and Object Prototypes (You Don't Know JS)

Автор Kyle Simpson
Издательство Reilly Media
Год 2014
Формат PDF
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A book series exploring the parts of JavaScript that we all think we understand but don't REALLY know."You Don't Know JS" is an exploration of the mysterious, confusing, complex, and controversial parts of JavaScript.If you write JavaScript for your primary job, odds are, you're pretty good at it. But honestly, how well do you really know the language? Most of us, myself included, spend years writing JS and never really going beyond a surface understanding. And then we blame our WTF moments on "the bad parts".This book series will examine the things that trip up or confound even the most seasoned of JS devs. And I was one of them until (recently) I spent enough time poking at the tough parts to understand them. Now I want to help other devs have those "a-ha!" moments, too!What if you could really deeply know how JS works? Would that change how you view the language? I think so. Really, I do. A big part of why I love JS is that I finally "get it".