JavaScript Allong - Reg Braithwaite
Reg Braithwaite

JavaScript Allong

Автор Reg Braithwaite
Издательство Lean Publishing
Год 2014
Формат PDF
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A different kind of language requires a different kind of book.JavaScript holds surprising depths–its scoping rules are neither strictly lexical nor strictly dynamic,and it supports procedural, object-oriented (in several flavors!), and functional programming. Manybooks try to hide most of those capabilities away, giving you recipes for writing JavaScript in a waythat approximates class-centric programming in other languages. Not JavaScript Allong&#233;. It startswith the fundamentals of values, functions, and objects, and then guides you through JavaScriptfrom the inside with exploratory bits of code that illustrate scoping, combinators, context, state,prototypes, and constructors.Like JavaScript itself, this book gives you a gentle start before showing you its full depth, and like aCafe Allong&#233;, it’s over too soon. Enjoy!