WebGL HOTSHOT - Mitch Williams
Mitch Williams


Автор Mitch Williams
Издательство Packt
Год 2014
Формат PDF
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Create interactive 3D content for web pages and mobile devices with this book and ebookOverviewSimple, ready-to-use interactive 3D demonstrations and explanations for a variety of popular and innovative websitesDetailed overview of how to build 3D environments including features such as designing, navigating, and interacting in 3D scenesInstantly deploy 3D websites for a variety of applications including e-commerce, social media, visualizing big data, and mobile devicesIn DetailThis book presents many popular applications for the Web including examples of deploying 3D applications such as building interactive products for e-commerce, extending social media, visualizing big data, and more. It helps you master how to instantly create and deploy Web3D content, demonstrating a variety of common and unique web applications and exploring the artistic features of 3D. It is ideal for current web developers or those looking for a starting point to learn about 3D graphics technology in a bleeding-edge field.What you will learn from this book- Get well-versed with fundamental technologies of 3D graphics including the design of 3D objects, lighting scenes, and viewing scenes from various camera positions- Discover how to send data to control 3D from a web browser to the graphics card for rich and engaging graphical presentation- Understand the role of graphics card programming using shader languages to control the appearance of a 3D scene down to each individual pixel- Explore how to load 3D objects created by artists in modeling tools in the background- Integrate Web3D content with databases and other web applications such as social media to extend common applications with 3D- Control the parameters of cameras such as field-of-view, removal of distant objects, and environmental effects such as fog and night scenes