An Introduction to Computer Simulation - Woolfson M.M., Pert G.J.
Woolfson M.M., Pert G.J.

An Introduction to Computer Simulation

Автор Woolfson M.M. Pert G.J.
Издательство Oxford University press
Год 1999
Формат PDF
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Dramatic growth in computer power has markedly changed our way of life and we now take for granted machines that were inconceivable twenty years ago and that routinely carry out tasks that were once unimaginable. It is inevitable that this revolution has also had a considerable impact on the way that we perform scientific tasks. Experiments are controlled by computer, the data logged and analysed by computer, so allowing a continuously increasing range of accuracy and sophistication in what can be done. Theory relies on extensive numerical calculation to evaluate the complex formulae derived by analytical means. An important new methodology has been developed using simulation, intermediate between theory and experiment, in which synthetic experiments are devised using basic theoretical concepts.