Basic Structured Grid Generation - Farrashkhalvat M., Miles J.P.
Farrashkhalvat M., Miles J.P.

Basic Structured Grid Generation

Автор Farrashkhalvat M. Miles J.P.
Издательство Buiicnvorih-Hcincmann, 2-е издание
Год 1984
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Over the past two decades, efficient methods of grid generation, together with the power of modern digital computers, have been the key to the development of numerical finite-difference (as well as finite-volume and finite-element) solutions of linear and non-linear partial differential equations in regions with boundaries of complex shape. Although much of this development has been directed toward fluid mechanics problems, the techniques are equally applicable to other fields of physics and engineering where field solutions are important. Structured grid generation is, broadly speaking, concerned with the construction of co-ordinate systems which provide coordinate curves (in two dimensions) and co-ordinate surfaces (in three dimensions) that remain coincident with the boundaries of the solution domain in a given problem. Grid points then arise in the interior of the solution domain at the intersection of these curves or surfaces, the grid cells, lying between pairs of intersecting adjacent curves or surfaces, being generally four-sided figures in two dimensions and small volumes with six curved faces in three dimensions.