Computational Methods for Controller Design - Elia N., Dahleh  M. A.
Elia N., Dahleh M. A.

Computational Methods for Controller Design

Автор Elia N. Dahleh M. A.
Издательство Springer
Год 1998
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The monograph describes a computationally-based methodology for controller design that can handle typical time and frequency domain specifications and provide a characterization of the limits of performance for a given system. The methodology is based on optimization, where one performance objective is optimized and the other specifications are the constraints. Many practical performance objectives can be represented in terms of convex constraints on the closed loop system response. Such objectives include standard norm constraints, bandwidth constraints, time templates on the closed loop response, as well as stability robustness conditions for unstructured uncertainty. With this, the design problem is turned into an infinite dimensional convex optimization problem. The infinite dimension arises from the fact that the set of feasible closed loop maps (corresponding to a stabilizing controller) is infinite.