International Cuisine: China - Christine Yau, Norman Fu
Christine Yau, Norman Fu

International Cuisine: China

Автор Christine Yau Norman Fu
Издательство Hodder & Stoughton
Год 2004
Формат PDF
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De-mystify the key principles of Chinese cookery and create your own exciting array of authentic dishes with "International Cuisine: China". Written by two highly regarded experts with a comprehensive knowledge both of the cuisine and its many applications, this book provides in-depth coverage of the key regional influences and essential techniques of Chinese cookery. It is packed with a wide range of dishes, promising a mouth-watering blend of traditional ingredients. From soups and starters to impressive main courses, many of the recipes are accompanied by stunning full colour photographs, as well as clear illustrations of key methods and the use of unique cooking utensils. "International Cuisine: China" is an accessible and innovative step-by-step guide to Chinese cookery, and will prove the ideal kitchen companion for students, professionals and enthusiasts alike. Китайская кухня - основные принципы организации процесса, ключевая утварь и классические рецепты.