Introduction to Sanskrit (Part II) - Egenes Th.
Egenes Th.

Introduction to Sanskrit (Part II)

Автор Egenes Th.
Издательство Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited
Год 2000
Формат PDF
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Учебник Эдженса неакадемичен и, как следствие, наиболее популярен. Его практическая польза состоит в том, что он готовит к чтению Бхагавад-гиты на санскрите. Благодаря своей методике он доступен для понимания не-лингвиста, что облегчает восприятие санскрита учащимися, неискушёнными в лингвистической терминологии. Вместе с тем в ненавязчивой форме он вводит как грамматическую терминологию Панини, так и письмо деванагари This text is written to fulfill a need that still remains, which is to make the introductory study of Sanskrit simple, concise, and systematic, thereby making it more accessible and enjoyable for a beginning student. The text is not a complete survey of Sanskrit grammar, or even a primer. It is meant to be a "pre-primer, " a step-by-step introduction to the fundamental aspects of the language.

Some of the features of this text are: Small, learnable steps Sequential organization A balance between alphabet, grammar, and vocabulary in each lesson As few unnecessary complications as possible Gradual integration of sandhi rules

After completing this text, you should be able to study any of the above Sanskrit textbooks more comfortably, or begin Part II of this text. Part II will feature the reading of selected verses from the Bhagavad-Gita, accompanied by a more thorough explanation of unfamiliar rules of grammar as they are encountered in the reading. Both volumes together will cover the basic rules of Sanskrit grammar. For college classes, Part I covers the standard material for a one-semester course and Part II for the second semester. After completing Part II, the student should be able to read the Bhagavad-Gita with the aid of a Sanskrit dictionary and a word-by-word English translation.

In this text, each lesson has three sections: 1. Alphabet 2. Grammar 3. Vocabulary