Modeling and Control of Discrete-event Dynamic Systems - Hrúz B., Zhou M.C.
Hrúz B., Zhou M.C.

Modeling and Control of Discrete-event Dynamic Systems

Автор Hrúz B. Zhou M.C.
Издательство Springer
Год 2007
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The mentioned lectures and this book particularly concentrate on Petri nets and their use in the modelling and control design for DEDS. They serve as a basis for extending to other tools and approaches such as Grafcet, statecharts, supervisory control theory and job scheduling. The textbook contains the necessary mathematics and computer science material. It includes discrete mathematics, formal languages, and finite automata. They are essential for non-computer science/engineering students to master the subjects of DEDS. Such material helps one describe and understand the nature of DEDS as well as the methods to describe and govern them. Standard and reactive flow diagrams are then introduced. The substance and properties of Petri nets and other tools useful for the modeling of DEDS have been built up systematically. Advanced Petri net tools include timed, stochastic, colored, fuzzy, and adaptive Petri nets. Petri net-related tools include Grafcet (also terms Sequential Function Charts), and statecharts. Various aspects concerning control design methods are followed consistently throughout the textbook. Theoretical aspects are illustrated and explained using numerous problem-solving examples dealing with various computer-integrated systems. We summarize the contents of all fourteen chapters as follows.