Olaf’s kitchen: a master chef shares his passion - Olaf Mertens
Olaf Mertens

Olaf’s kitchen: a master chef shares his passion

Автор Olaf Mertens
Издательство Wiley
Год 2008
Формат PDF
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"Whether he's cooking for the British Royal family or whipping up a casual dinner,it's the same every time: exquisite meals, stunningly presented." - Josh Sleeman "Chef Olaf is a bright light in the world of food - a culinary commando dedicated to the pursuit of excellence." - Anna Olson "...a kind soul with a heart of gold, and those ingredients make Olaf's food absolutely delicious. these pages truly will get stuck together." - Ted Reader "Olaf's got a big heart and he uses it to make big flavors. I highly recommend wading into this book-there's big fun to be had!" - Brad Long Эксклюзивные блюда и полезные советы от сертифицированного шефа. Издание с цветными фото.