RF Amplifer Classics - Ford S.
Ford S.

RF Amplifer Classics

Автор Ford S.
Издательство American Radio Relay League
Год 2005
Формат PDF
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Shorten yhour discovery work with ARRL's RF Amplifier Classics! Use this book to find classic tube and solid-state designs at power levels from 5W to 1.5 kW. Included are two-dozen amplifier projects and articles published in ARRL's popular journals between 1980 and 2003. There are amps for HF, MF, VHF, and microwave. These are high quality works from respected authors such as Gary Breed, K9AY; Jerry Pittenger, K8RA; Bill Sabin, W0IYH; Al Ward, W5LUA; Dave Meacham, W6EMD; and others.