Владимир Баранов

The Theology of Early Iconoclasm as found in St. John of Damascus’ Apologies

Автор Владимир Баранов
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In the absence of Iconoclastic theological writings prior to the Peuseis of Emperor Constantine V, who reigned from 741 to 775, most scholars believe that he was the one who created Iconoclastic theology, to provide an "ideological background" for his policies which had little to do with theology. Yet a close examination of the Apologies of St. John of Damascus may be the key to unwinding the true source of Iconoclasm. If there existed an iconoclastic theology to which St. John was responding in the beginning of the Controversy, then the assumptions of the primacy of political, or economic, or social reasons for Iconoclasm, on the part of most scholars must be modified, if not rejected.