A Blessing From The Obeah Man - Grace Celina
Grace Celina

A Blessing From The Obeah Man

Автор Grace Celina
Издательство Kindle Edition
Год 2012
Формат FB2
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Horror, mystery, thriller... these short stories from Celina Grace, author of psychological thrillers Lost Girls and The House on Fever Street, take you on a macabre journey; from disillusioned drug dealers, to honeymooning couples, from cannibals to suicidal teenagers. This is a compilation of short stories from a skilled purveyor of psychological suspense. In the titular story, a honeymooning couple take a wrong turn into terror on their trip around Barbados. The Club brings you an insight into a very unusual food critic, while Strapping Lass and The Mourning After reveal the darker side of love. Bite-size little pieces of horror to make you shiver...