111 songs by american and english songwriters - Machkhelyan H.G.
Machkhelyan H.G.

111 songs by american and english songwriters

Автор Machkhelyan H.G.
Издательство ИПК «Достижение»
Год 1991
Формат DJVU
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The JAZZ & POP SONGS: LYRICS & RECORDINGS series is intended for students who are learning English and are interested in the geography, history and culture of the English speaking countries, in the development of jazz and pop music in the USA and Britain in particular.

The series is based on the belief that intermediate and advanced students studying English may use the lyrics of the most popular songs by American and British authors for developing their vocabulary by means of listening to the songs performed in good English and learning words and word combinations of spoken B.E. and A.E. that are typical for the songs.