Mastering Unix Shell Scripting - Randal K. Michael
Randal K. Michael

Mastering Unix Shell Scripting

Автор Randal K. Michael
Издательство Wiley
Год 2008
Формат PDF
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Learn to create shell scripts to solve real-world UNIX problems Get ready to take on the UNIX world! UNIX expert Randal K. Michael guides you through every detail of writing shell scripts to automate specific tasks. Each chapter begins with a typical, everyday UNIX challenge, and then shows you how to take basic syntax and turn it into a shell scripting solution. Throughout the book, you'll also find complete shell scripts plus detailed descriptions of each part. You'll be able to modify this information to build tools that monitor for specific system events and situations, building the skills to solve real-world system administration problems.

• Make the most of Bash, Bourne, and Korn shells • Execute the proper commands for eachUNIX flavor • Define the correct command syntax to meet a specific shell scripting goal • Filter the commands' output to strip out unneeded data • Build options into the shell script to give the end user more flexibility on the command line • Replicate data using rsync • Create snapshot-style backups using Dirvish • Work with records files to parse data • Prepare for government audits using specific commands