How to Cheat in Maya 2014 - Kenny Roy
Kenny Roy

How to Cheat in Maya 2014

Автор Kenny Roy
Год 2013
Формат PDF
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We’ve designed this book so that you can use it in the way that best serves your needs in learning to animate with Maya. You can start at the beginning and read it straight through if you like, as the chapters are ordered progressively. The first few talk about fundamental concepts: the principles of animation, workflow, and how animators think about the tools available in Maya. Then we start practicing some techniques in the context of animations already started for you, finally moving on to guiding you through doing projects in blocking, cycles, polishing, lip sync, and much more. If you’ve been animating for a while, but need some new tips or approaches to problems you’ve been having, you can simply go to any topic that interests you, and pick it up right there. Even the chapter-long projects include a series of progressive files so you don’t need to start from the beginning. We’ve also completely updated